How To Sell Web Products For $300 in 7 Steps?

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Getting customers for your product is damn hard.

When I asked around what I could do to get users for my app, most people told me to put together a press release and send it to as many people as possible such as journalists and bloggers. It just didn’t feel right to me though.

After reading dozens of articles on effective web marketing, [Continue reading...]

3 Secrets To Create & Deliver A Great Presentation

Public SpeakingI was recently invited to speak at a conference (cafeNlg) about my experience at the Startup Weekend and my startup.  It was kind of a small audience but the people there all shared a passion for entrepreneurship and technology. I know that I probably overinvested time in preparing that presentation, but I felt like the people there deserved the best presentation I could give.

After my presentation, a few people came up [Continue reading...]

Will You Let Your Company Car Get In The Way Of Your Dream?

Corporate life and car

This morning I went to the town hall to register for my new address. After signing a few documents, the lady asked me if I had a car.  I really didn’t understand why she would ask me that. I later realized she was just asking that to see if I needed a special parking card or something. But when she asked the question, I remember vividly feeling like someone was stabbing me in the stomach with a long and sharp knife. Why? [Continue reading...]

How To Quit Your Job & Live Your Dream?

quit my job
You are driving to work and it hits you! Eureka you have a business idea and after 10 min of intense brainstorming with yourself, you tell yourself “shit it could work!” So you scratch down a few ideas but you are already running late for a meeting but you promise to get back to it in the evening. The day goes by and you are driving back home with that idea stuck in your head. You are so excited; you need to share your vision with your wife, best friend, roommate, etc.. And of course instead of working on your big idea, you wind up fantasizing about how rich and successful this idea could make you. Next morning, some shit pops up at work and you are under enormous pressure all day long only to find yourself exhausted when you get back home. But you’ll work on your idea when the weekend comes so everything is fine. You think to yourself that you are done with this job and you are going to live your life on your own terms pretty soon but deep inside you don’t really (I mean REALLY) believe it either. The week passes and you have a big party to attend on Friday night and [Continue reading...]

How Do You Stand Out In This Crowded World?

Do not conform

I recently bought myself a flashy red jacket. It’s so red that anybody can notice me even if I’m 5miles away  . But come on Gary, “You are not gonna blog about your red jacket, are you?” Well, I will.

I remember the day I bought this jacket. I was freezing my ass off and I had been waiting forever to buy a decent, warm jacket for the winter. On that day, I was in the city with my friend and as we were headed to the closest H&M I told myself that it was a good opportunity to get me a jacket. Of course, as I hate shopping for more than 3min, I picked the very first jacket I came across. I tried it on and look at my friend waiting for their approval. Of course, they just [Continue reading...]

Why don’t we wish extraordinary lives for ourselves?

Leap of faith

Last night I went out for a few drinks with my friends and the atmosphere really felt like we were the characters featured on tv show “how i met your mother”. We were really having a good time talking about what we wanted to do with our lives. At some point I said “let’s do a bucket list of the things we want to do before we are 30″. At the beginning we said the usual stuff like “do a road trip across the USA” or “backpack in south america”. Then we said let’s do it again but only this time we would write down things that money alone can’t buy and something that 90% of the people would think of it as impossible. Ohhhh, and of course [Continue reading...]